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Helpful Facts on Automobile Repair and Maintenance

At Japanese Auto Pro's, we want to earn your trust and confidence in us and in our work. We will service and/or repair your vehicle using the latest diagnostic equipment, the most experienced technicians, the best parts available and at a fair and reasonable price. We value you as our customer and want you to be completely satisfied with all aspects of your visit with Japanese Auto Pro's. Below are some facts we feel will be helpful to you.

When you purchase a new car or truck you do not have to return to the dealer for your scheduled maintenance services to keep the factory warranty in effect.

Japanese Auto Pro's can perform these services and any work needed, using factory parts, at a much lower cost without affecting the factory warranty on your vehicle. When we perform these services we will alert you to any problems or recalls that may need to be checked by the dealer.

When a repair facility offers free loaner cars and a car wash, the costs of these services are passed down to you, the customer, through higher repair cost.

We can arrange a rental car for you at a great price and still save you money over most companies.

A new automobile is a very expensive purchase and we want it to last you as long as possible. A well maintained vehicle costs less to operate in the long run, lasts a lot longer, and brings top dollar when you decide to sell or trade it in.

At Japanese Auto Pro's we will advise you of only the repairs and maintenance needed based on the type of driving you do and the make of vehicle you drive. We have several customers with 300,000+ miles on their autos with no major repairs.

If you are thinking of purchasing a used automobile, have a pre-purchase inspection performed before you sign the papers. The laws in Arizona don't protect you very well after you make the deal.

Japanese Auto Pro's will perform this service for you and advise you on some of the better models to buy based on your personal needs and our opinion of the particular automobile.

We offer a night drop off and a late pick-up service for your convenience.

We will also give you a ride to work or home if you are in the local area.

Having been serving the area for so long we can recommend to you, with confidence, many companies that perform services that we may not offer. Such as: rental cars, towing and car wash/detailing.
Our goal is to make you, the customer, happy with every aspect of your vehicle and its service.